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By 2030, the Travel & Tourism Sector* has adopted a ‘Nature Positive’ approach through integrating biodiversity safeguards, reducing carbon emissions, the impact of pollution and the unsustainable use of resources, and to protect and restore nature and its wildlife. Travel & Tourism (T&T) will support and inspire governments, businesses, and society to implement the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and help transform humanity’s relationship with the natural world, and through investment in global destinations, become a “Guardian of Nature”.

Building on its potential to be a “Guardian of Nature”, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the voice of the Travel & Tourism private sector, has committed to leading a ‘Nature Positive’ approach. This encourages Travel & Tourism businesses to mainstream and integrate biodiversity safeguards throughout their operations and the supply chain; take action to avoid or minimise negative impacts on nature, and play a proactive role in nature protection and restoration.

As governments gather in Montreal in December 2022 for the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15), where the new global goals for biodiversity will be adopted, it is imperative that T&T is represented, and our key role acknowledged. It is also an opportunity for T&T to present its vision for the sector and acknowledge its potential as a “Guardian of Nature”, offering sustainable, non-extractive value to nature and biodiversity that no other sector can.

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Travel & Tourism is intrinsically linked
to biodiversity and nature:

The popularity of nature-based tourism grows year on year, currently representing 50% of the Travel & Tourism market share.

Over 80% of Travel & Tourism’s goods and services directly or indirectly rely on nature’s resources and functioning ecosystems.

Nature-based tourism generates annual revenues of over US$600 billion, supporting millions of jobs and providing opportunities for countries to grow and diversify their economies while protecting their biodiversity and natural heritage.

Travel & Tourism not only funds protected areas and conservation action but it has restructured local economies in a way that benefits nature and people.


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Nature Positive Travel & Tourism

To realise the actions required to deliver on this Vision for Travel & Tourism, please consult the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) publication “Nature Positive Travel & Tourism: Travelling in Harmony with Nature”. Together with the Toolbox, it aims to help Travel & Tourism stakeholders understand and act on the urgent need to protect biodiversity and restore nature. 



ANIMONDIAL is a consultancy which has provided impartial advice and practical guidance on animal and nature protection in Travel & Tourism for over 20 years.


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